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Why I allow some subs to pay small tributes.

Okay there was a debate on twitter about subs that give 10-30 tributes and it being an insult to the Domme. Here is my honest opinion on this. I am a Dominate women through and through have been for most my life. I am a FemDomme first and foremost before I am FinDomme. I have many fetishes including money. I feel that you as the sub should sacrifice for your Dominates luxury. Meaning instead of the morning cup of star bucks of the fast food lunches you make your own coffee for the week and make a sandwich for lunch. You then send that 20-40 to me. Is that a lot no of course not. But guess what you sacrificed so that I can have my coffee or lunch out or my pedicures. That is a finsubs service at his best. Now for those of you who can afford more than yes you should be doing more to make your Dominate’s life easier.

Now for those saying I am letting boys take advantage of me, I am not. I check all banking info and bills and income before I allow a sub that is serving me full-time only to pay a little amount of money as a tribute. Just remember if you’re not willing to work with a sub you’re only in it for the money. Which is good for you just be genuine. In my opinion this fetish shoud be about more than just money. Genuine subs know that sacrifice is the key to true submission. And understanding is key to Ds harmony.


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