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Text app session rules

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Texting Session rules

NO NUDES ever!!! If you ask our session is over immediately. (YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND)

If you are late or have to leave early from our session you lose your time. Manage your time more wisely next time.

Once you book your session and receive my kik or whatsapp id you may only  use it when we book a session. Do Not bug me nonstop about random things. I will block you and you will be forced to pay an unblocking fee. ($80)

I make the rules if you don’t like it move along. I will not tolerate disrespect or you trying to top from bottom. If you start to be disrespectful in any way during a session your time is stopped and you’ll be blocked. (NO unblock fee will get you back in my good graces)

Texting sessions are for my entertainment and enjoyment. NOT for you to get what you want! Your want and needs are secondary to mine.