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Service Requierments

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If you wish to serve in any of the following capacity you must be willing and you must meet the following requirements.

General Consensual slave, sub or toy requirements
  • Must be honest about expectations, hopes and wishes. (These are separate words I recommend googling them to find out the difference.)
  • Must show respect at all times. (This should be a given and why I have to post this is ridiculous.)
  • Must be clear about kinks, and limits. (If you don’t know the difference let’s talk about it first. I can’t read your mind either.)
  • Understand that being a personal slave does not exempt you from tributing and working towards contributing to my happiness.
  • If you think you can demand service of me think again. I will however consider your interest and respectful request. (If you did your research about me you would know if we’re are a good match.)
  • If your acting out hoping for punishment you will be trying to fool the wrong Superior. You will not get any punishment unless it is truly warranted or I feel the urge to punish you.
Foot Slave Requirements
  • Must know his/her place is beneath my feet.
  • If you don’t know how to worship feet and give good foot rubs with suitable oils and lotions you’re not a foot slave I want.
  • Tributes to include a “Minimum” of one pair shoes per month, of my choosing,
    • You are to cover one pedicure every month (You can be there if discussed beforehand),
    • and suitable hosiery.
  • Skills involving shoe or foot care are appreciated and welcomed.
  • If you’re an online Foot Slave you will still be required to provide monetary service. (Worship will be done via skype, kik or photos/videos)
  FinSlave Requirements
  • Required to provide Banking info, Credit Report and Income Proof. Budget must be provided.
    • Divide expenses into bare necessities, secondary expenses, savings and discretionary funds
  • Must read finsub/slave info click here.
    • Provide an initial gift to catch my attention. (Info in page above)
  • Must be honest about budget and resources. (This will not work if you’re not upfront from the start.)
  • Must follow payment scheduled.
    • Pay all penalties and punishments as you get them.
  • Shopping trip sessions are available as well as cashpointmeets see below.
  • Any conversations prior to service contract must be made via Niteflirt or Skype (after tribute is made)
CashPoint Meet Requirements
  • Minimum of $250.00 (not negotiable there is not reason for me to meet you for any less)
  • Must be in a public place (unless it is a regular thing then arrangements can be made)
  • There will always be $50 deposit due to get a time and date to meet
  • Only one application is required to be filled out. (you will notify me in the contact section that you have done the application already)
  • You may receive a 10 min treat (see the application for info about this)
  • ATM meets will be accepted but you will be making the withdraw yourself then handing me my cash.
  • Cashpoint meets are just that a quick meeting to hand over cash in person. This is not a session.