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For my finsubs and finslaves

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I often have slaves/subs travel from all over the US, to bask in the excitement of serving naked at my feet. I do realize that it may not be possible for many finslaves/sub to do.  Therefore, I am happy to offer online Financial Domination whereby you will be my finslave/subs, honored to work to earn cash for me.  When I see something that gets my attention I will choose to allow you to spend your hard-earned money on it. Instead of mine. That is right, I don’t need your cash you give it knowing that your Goddess is living in luxury and you are not.

To be in my consideration for becoming my finslave/sub, you will need to send Me an Amazon gift card for a minimum of $100 to prove that you are genuine. If you cannot afford this then you are not a finslave/sub. (see what else you can offer me on my website)

Once I have received your gift card I will invite you to submit your detailed proposals as to how you may be of financial service to me on an ongoing basis for my consideration and possible ownership (see below). Of course, you are welcome to treat Me by sending an Amazon gift card for any amount at any time. The e-mail address you should use when purchasing an Amazon gift card is:  goddessenchantressnyx@gmail.com

Financial Domination may take various forms including: the main one below

A standing order may be set-up for you to make regular monthly payments directly into My bank account to adopt one of My regular expenses such as:

Mobile Phone






Gym Membership and PT sessions








Socializing (Clubs/Meals/Drinks)


BDSM Events (includes training events for new kinks)


BDSM Toys and clothing


 I may also choose to accept one-time or occasional payments which can be made on-line direct into My bank account (upon request) and I may instruct you from time to time to buy Me further gifts from My Amazon Wish List.

Goddess Enchantress Nyx Wishlist

Amazon Gift Cards of any amount between $100 & $1000 may be sent to Me at My private e-mail address goddessenchantressnyx@gmail.com. (Leaser amounts welcome but will not get you recognized as a finslave/sub)

Of course, you should attach a personal message with your gift card, so that I know who the tribute is from.

And what may you expect in return for being used as a finslave/sub? (as stated above you may serve me in other ways if you cannot afford me as a finslave/sub). The answer is simple – absolutely nothing!  Your reward will be the pleasure of knowing that I am enjoying spending your money.

If you are very lucky I may telephone you via Skype to show you what I have spent your money on and what I shall be expecting from you next and if you have purchased an item of clothing for me then you may be rewarded with a photograph of me wearing it – if I am feeling in a generous!