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From SeaDog to SeaBitch A Journey to self-fulfillment (Goddess Enchantress Nyx)

You started off lurking through my profile and following my every move. Feeding your addiction to me. Then one day you worked up the nerve to message me. I didn’t get that message till late and your life had changed and you could no longer fulfill your addiction to speak and have me speak to you. Time passes and your addiction grows and you need to talk to me so you feed that addiction. That first conversation is slow to start as we are busy and our time zones are different. We move to a messaging app and that is where we talk about what our relationship could be. You happily send a tribute to show your serious and need to embark on your journey to being the perfect slave for me.

I want to control every aspect of your life and you want it so bad you consent to my background check and my income verification. Knowing you will pass you have your computer ready for the taking. I log into your computer and I began taking charge of every aspect of your online life. I add myself as Admin and you as a standard user. I change passwords and lock you out of administrative functions. You will now need to ask me for permission to download or change anything. I change banking info and passwords as now your accounts belong to me. I began draining your bank accounts and ordering you to send and buy gifts.

I send you my contract that entails your new life and rules you will abide by. I have you order and download a spying app on your phone and computer. Now I can see and hear and know what is happening always in your life. You order and are told to install cameras around your home so I can see and hear what is happening at your home. You have a schedule with no downtime as your life now revolves around my needs and wants always.

We talk and play with the idea of feminization as you and making you the women I envision and want you to be is now in your head. We talk about hormones and you begin to shave your body in preparation for the big change. You can almost taste your new-found girl inside.

Homewrecking gets your dick so hard you can almost taste it. You jerk so hard to the idea of me owning it all and her nothing.

Then you back out of these scared of what the reality of these mean. I allow it for now because you don’t know it yet but I always get what I want. Always!

I move on to your diet and exercise I am programing you to live and work out as a woman. Getting your body ready for the hormones you will inevitably take. I continue pounding your wallet and draining it of its finances using it for my wants and needs. I then have you pay my friends some money to further your humiliation.

Something crazy happens and your bank gives you notice that they are going to shut you down. After some work, you can move your money elsewhere. You are spooked and you try to break free even paying your buyout. But alas you still owe me and you will need to pay that as well.

We delete computer admin rights and take of spy application and reset passwords and info as you are going to be leaving me. In the back of your mind praying that it’s not true you try to hold on to an idea that maybe soon you will return. Not knowing that you are not going anywhere. I have things and info you will never want to get out. Not wanting your wife or family to know things about you. Guess what they might before it’s all over. You really thought getting away was that easy Goddess doesn’t give up toys that easy. Things you didn’t know is that even though I deleted items some I kept for safe keeping till I was done with you. You beg me to delete it all and not speak a word of it to anyone. I smile and laugh as I nod my head.

I have a special email entitled “Your husband spent over $5000 on me and now I know everything about your lives.” It’s a very nicely written email. It gives photo proof of our conversations and ever detail on how you allowed me to spy on you and your family. I know you would never want this to get out so you will be doing it my way and only my way. Because every morning I must stop that email from sending to her. You will submit to my will and I want it all. Your money, life and soul. You will give me what I crave which is an obedient SeaBitch. I want to turn you into a woman who understands my wants and needs. I want to ruin you into nothing. I want you to leave your wife and I will take every penny you have so she can not get a dime. You will move into my home and continue to serve penniless. You will keep my life easy and serve my friends as what they wish for you to do and you will service men for money to continue to give me everything you have and own. Now your life will be fulfilled. You will start by giving me back my computer and my admin rights. Then the spy program will be reinstalled. You will install the cameras you bought so I may keep an eye on you. Then you’ll be locked away in chastity no orgasms for you until you comply or maybe never. You will diet and exercise yourself till your body is where I wanted it to be. You will begin taking hormones and carrying yourself as a lady, because that is what you’re becoming. I don’t want any sass from you either or you will be drained hard and fast once more. You will continue to pay me what I want and when I want it. Keeping me happy is key to your happiness. Now in a few months when your wife starts to notice the changes you will have already made me the beneficiary of all finances in your life. I will then begin to have you pull away from her as you don’t really need her anymore. You will begin to divorcing her. You don’t need to be tied down any longer. You will be moving soon to be with me full-time as I continue to feminize you and teach you skills you’ll need for a later time. Now you’re here and your new life as a permanent chastity domestic and hoe slave for me. Your life is where it was always meant to be.

*Intellectual property of Goddess Nyx

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