Worship Nyx Give in to your needs to serve a true FinDom FemDom Goddess

From afar!

You know that 40% of my subs took a very long time to come and chat with me. I always wondered why they waited. I asked one an he said cause he admired from afar until he couldn’t contain himself any longer. So I began to wonder if maybe that is the norm for a finsub.

You stumble on my page and you began to follow and watch. You become interested in what I write and what I post but your only checking onetime a day at this point. Then you see a post that ignites something in you is it my feet, ass, my words or maybe it’s my strap-on that gets you. Then you find your self staring at my feeds and post for hours on end not getting much done. Yet there is something holding you back. It’s the money you cant even fathom what it means to give your hard earned money to someone you have only seen online and never spoken to. Then there it is when your supposed to be working your looking at my feed and you realize that if you don’t do something for relief from me your going to do nothing and maybe get fired. So you shut down your phone computer and say that’s it I wont look. And you go a day without me your hands sweat and shake as you want to check your phone so bad yet you are trying to fight it. Day two and your itching for your Nyx fix. You grab your phone and take a peak and I have you again. You hate yourself a bit cause you know it. So you send a gift and hope I show the photo of it so you can see my face. That gives you a bit of relief but then again you see something you love and you fight the urge but this time you send cash and hope I don’t message you. Then you finally understand your place and you willingly message me for your first experience and your hooked forever at my feet and your never the same again.

Just some FinDom erotica for all my lurkers. If this is you remember you always give in.

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