Worship Nyx Give in to your needs to serve a true FinDom FemDom Goddess

boobtube my breast slave

So to think it started one week ago with just a little message. You looked deep into my cleavage and I had you. You immediately fell and began sending tribute after tribute after tribute. Even the little tributes made me happy to see how far you have fallen for Grace and Hope. Your new-found religion and alter. You want so bad to be the best finsub for them.

Your Skype messages of despair and  need for them has been very amusing to say the least. You have been caught up in the web of Goddess Nyx’s breast. You may one day need an intervention to bring you back from the deep pits that you are falling into as we speak. Your need to buy and tribute your altar is very sexually exciting for me.

You will never wish to leave them you will only wish to be near them always. I am glad I picked you to be my breast slave keep working hard for them and keep spoiling them with gifts and money.Keep letting little tuber dictate all your moves as you stroke and send your life away to Grace and Hope.  Well done my boy. Well done!

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