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Bankruptcy is it just a fetish?

Let me tell you it can be for most. Something that you think is so hot, sexy and gets your juices flowing. Now this is what I will say I have toyed with the fantasy of it with some subs and for a couple of luck boys the fantasy became a reality. Now I will share one of my boys stories with you as the other has yet to give me consent to share his story. Remember that RACK and SSC transfer to the sharing of information with the world about your private sessions with subs.

Now for sub igiveitall and mine relationship started out like any other. I meet him through a previous website and he booked a ProDomme session with me. Now I won’t share the details to that session but, let’s just say he loves to feel my big ass on his face. As time went on we saw each other once a week then he asked if he could pay me to text and chat with him over the phone during our off times. I of course agreed as I really felt a connection with him even outside of our sessions. So we chatted 3-4 times a week and it was wonderful I learned so much about him and felt like our RT interactions where so incredible. He started off buying gifts and candy to bring to me during our sessions then it turned into him shopping my wishlist and buying presents.

On February 16, 2015 he asked me if he could pay my rent. I had that bill available for adoption so he went to my place and gave them his info for payment every month. It was so interesting and exciting that this very vanilla guy during the week, (When I say vanilla I mean worked 9-5 never went out to pick up women for one night stands and very timid about sex and even BDSM when I meet him) turned from a typical sub who paid for sessions into a full on finsub. This relationship turned into much more as the time when on.

On March 3, 2015 he asked me if I would be willing to go deeper into financial slavery. By this time he was paying most my bills and buying gifts that I believe he was only living off a small amount of money just enough to live. I asked what he had in mind to which his answer blow me away. He was interested in going into debt for me. I thought how sweet he wants to give me it all and then some. I allowed him to get me 3 cards, one just to spend on anything, one for my favorite store lane bryant and one for amazon cause you know that is my favorite place to shop for things. So each card had around 1000-3000 I won’t give specifics. He told me to run up those cards and he would pay for them every month with his savings. I agreed the condition was he had to have at least 3x his monthly expenses to pay incase something happened.

May 5, 2015 Cinco De Mayo I had maxed out all cards given to me and he said that he wanted to spoil me more so he took out without my knowing 2 personal loans and gave me cash of $8000 to use for a vacation. I took the money and the gifts kept coming in. Now he was still paying all my bills and paying me for sessions and gifting me paying off my cards and letting me max them out.

On May 20, 2015 I took over his finances I was given access to the bank and put on his banking info to control his finances. At this point I realized that igiveitall was spending way more than what was agreed upon and his savings was 3/4 of the way gone. He had my required amount and a few thousand more but the way he was spending he wouldn’t have much for long. I asked him why so much and he finally told me his ultimate goal was bankruptcy. I thought long and hard and found that the more I thought about it the more my panties got soaked. So I thought what the hell he was sane and gave consent for this so we started off slow.

June 1, 2015 I made him stop paying gym membership and a few other things he was paying and I took the money instead. Then I ran up the CC he gave me and had him take out 3 more. We did this until I had a total of 11 cards. He still paid all my bills. Than I had him take out 4 more personal loans. By August 2015 he was maxed out on credit. The next thing to do was to stop paying his rent and some of his bills.

October 13, 2015 on my Birthday he gave me the last of his money $29.98. He than used his savings to pay for bankruptcy. He told me he was the happiest he had ever been and thanked me for ruining his life. We spoke on December 25, 2017 Christmas day when he sent me a small gift and told me he was so happy that his bankruptcy was being discharged. I called him to give him after care as that is when he wanted to chat again.

Durning after care he asked if I could help him build his life back up by controlling the finances again. I agreed and now he has been doing a great job only spending what he is allowed. We haven’t had any sessions but he sends me tribute and gifts small ones until he is where I want him to be.

Update: January 5, 2018 he is back on track with plenty of money in the savings and his credit is at 850 credit. Only issue left is his bankruptcy which should discharge off his reports in December of 2020. But for now his life is back on track. And guess what he has asked for me to do it all over again. This time much slower and harder. I will be taking him to a limit he will not return from.

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